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Mistakes you Might be Making with your Social Media Graphics and How to Fix Them

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If you're creating social media graphics but aren't happy with the results, you might even be too embarrassed to press 'post' sometimes, then grab a copy of my new eBook. It teaches you what goes into making a professional, beautiful, easy-to-read graphic that your audience will really engage with.

"Mistakes you Might be Making with your Social Media Graphics and How to Fix Them" steps you through common design mistakes, with visual explanations and examples, so you can improve your own design skills, no matter what software you're using.

As a new business owner just starting out, I found this eBook very useful and thought-provoking. It has assisted me in focusing on developing a clear, recognisable brand and cohesive image that I feel confident and proud of. - Miriam B.

Once you've gained the skills you learn in this book, you'll have professional, beautiful designs that are readable and accessible to all your clients and customers. The result? Higher engagement, greater impact, and probably heaps of compliments!

This eBook is fantastic for business owners who are designing their own social graphics. I often see social posts that really let the business down because they're poorly designed, too hard to read, or just don't reflect the professionalism of the business. But Caryn's book is set to change that! It covers a lot of design mistakes, how to avoid them, and shows before and after designs as examples. Excellent for us visual learners! Highly recommend every business owner and social media manager reads this book to improve their design skills. - Michelle M.

This eBook is downloadable as a 44-page pdf that also includes a printable, one-page checklist for you to refer to for each graphic you create in the future.

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