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Pawes🐾me Design Check-Ups

If you would like a professional opinion and guidance before you send your creation out into the world ... 🧐 Booking a 30-minute Pawes🐾me Design Check-Up might be just what you need. 🤓

For $57* you’ll have 30 minutes where we can discuss what you’re working on, receive some guidance as to how you can improve things like readability, and maybe even brainstorm some future creations if there’s time remaining.

So how does it work?

✔︎ Click on the BOOK NOW button to book and then CONFIRM.

✔︎ Choose a day/time from the calendar.

✔︎ Answer the questions and provide the link to what you’re working on, or email it to me, and then select SCHEDULE EVENT.

✔︎ Enter your credit card details.


It’s as easy as that! 😁

You’ll receive an email confirmation and will receive scheduled reminders beforehand.

The session will be held via Microsoft Teams (like Zoom) and you do not have to have an account in order to participate, just click on the link provided.

*$57 including gst

**There are limited places available. If you can’t see a day/time that works for you please email me to discuss

Pawesome or Pawsome??

Did you notice that there are two different spellings? While initially, that was a bit of an error on my part, I've decided to keep it that way because it's a made-up word and different people may spell it different ways when searching for it.