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Simple Steps to Profitable Branding

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Learn how to bring consistency to your branding so you can attract your dream clients, command a higher price, and convert prospects to sales faster.

Do you struggle to attract your dream clients and ideal customers?

Wish your brand looked more professional and authentically you?

Tired of not being “seen” by your audience?

In this book, Simple Steps to Profitable Branding, you’ll learn how to design for your business in a way that boosts your professionalism, allowing you to build more trust and credibility with your audience. 

When your branding is consistent, and of a higher quality, you’ll be able to attract those dream clients, command a higher price and convert prospects into sales faster.

Caryn has done it again with another amazing eBook! But Simple Steps to Profitable Branding isn't just an eBook... it's a journey! She takes you through the vital elements of a professional and consistent brand with simple, clear instructions, as well as visual illustrations showing the positive impact it can make to your business and brand. Caryn suggests simple but very impactful changes you can make so your own business designs appear way more professional. Highly recommend this eBook for every business owner! - Michelle M.

Simple Steps to Profitable Branding will teach you:

  • What brand consistency means and why it’s vital to a profitable business;
  • How your choice of colours, images, graphics, language, and messaging, influence who is attracted to you and your brand, and
  • Ways you can turn your business into a professional and instantly recognisable brand your customers and clients trust.


This 38-page eBook will be your branding companion, complete with colourful design examples so you can tweak your own designs, boosting your professionalism one design at a time.

Also included: a printable and fillable, one-page checklist for you to refer to for each graphic you create in the future.

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Customer Reviews

Mel V.

10 months ago

Absolutely loved it!

The Simple Steps to Profitable Branding eBook was amazing! Caryn is so knowledgeable and she takes you through some simple, but powerful steps to improve all the elements of your branding. The visual illustrations and examples really make you think about your own branding and bring home the idea of cohesive and consistent branding helping you to create a profitable and recognisable brand.